Update 11.8.21

Dear all,

Firstly, thank you for all your well wishes after my foot injury, however, with great regret I will have to step away from leading you on any walks for the next 6 weeks or so. The injury to my foot is not getting any better and my physio and GP have told me to rest it for that period.

I will be cancelling all my walks, to which many of you are booked on. Please note any money paid will be reimbursed and those on Direct debit will be receiving a separate email.

Carole will continue to offer her walks through August so check out what she’s offering here: https://nwuktunbridgewells.co.uk/activities/

Carole is away for the first 3 weeks of September, so there will be a time when there is nothing on offer. An opportunity to step out with friends and try out some of my routes if you remember them.

I hope very much to be back for the Full Moon Autumn equinox walk planned for the 21st September at 8.15pm Book here for a catch up under the twinkling skies: https://exercise-anywhere.com/event/183579-Full-Moon-walk—Autumn-Equinox

Then another chance to catch up when we meet at the Deer park café for a walk and coffee on Saturday 25th September at 9.45am https://exercise-anywhere.com/event/215883-Step-into-shape-on-Saturday—Deer-Park-cafe-with-coffee-to-finish

After that hopefully the return of the Wellbeing walk, the next date being September 28th 9.30am from Dunorlan https://exercise-anywhere.com/event/209219-Wellbeing-walk-from-Dunorlan-Park

Those dates all seem so far away and believe me I’m gutted to be letting you all down and am missing the walking so much already!!

Hope you all stay well and enjoy the sunshine while I recuperate ready for more of the same late September onwards.

My best wishes,


Updated: August 11, 2021 — 5:56 pm