Nordic News 27.9.21

I’m excited to tell you I’m almost back to full health and will be back leading your walks very soon.

Mike and I squeezed in a week in Wales, which was great, not only because the weather was super (overall) but also and more importantly here (!) we had the chance to gently put my injured foot through its paces, allowing time to rest in between. Can’t recommend Wales enough, gorgeous!

So, with a song in my heart I will be back with you from this week. We have a wellbeing walk tomorrow at 9.30am which is almost fully booked, and I’ll be stepping into shape with you all on Saturday with an old favourite Autumn / Winter route from TW common.

Meanwhile look out for Carole’s new season of walks over Crowborough way, beginning tomorrow with her Crowborough Warren Streets urban walk at 6.30pm.

The girls had a great few days at the NWUK festival in Purbeck, pics and news on that to follow from Carole.

There is an almost full schedule now live on the website up to the end of October, with a few others that may still be added which are still a work in progress! Push the Pace will resume in the urban settings from next week, a great way to keep your fitness up in this mid-week calorie buster!

So, this week looks like this:

Tuesday 28th September Wellbeing walk from Dunorlan at 9.30am

Tuesday 28th September Crowborough Warren Streets at 6.30pm

Saturday 2nd October Step into Shape TW common 8.30am

Come along and join the fun! All other upcoming walks are here:

See you soon!

Updated: September 27, 2021 — 8:20 am