Nordic News 26 April 2021

Hello all,

This sunny weather is so up lifting, I hope you’re all feeling good and have lots of energy to burn up! Do that and get your self booked onto a few walks this week. The bluebells are finally showing off their vibrant shades, come & see…

Carole’s walks on Tuesday evenings and Sunday mornings are fabulous, if you haven’t had a chance to sample one yet, what are you waiting for? They are included in your DD payment if that’s how you are paying making it an even better deal at only £22 per month.

We really enjoyed our Push the pace on walk on Wednesday evening, the views looking north from Bidborough were breathtaking, see photo insert.

Start the day with Mother nature on Sunday 2nd May. Join the us on the International Dawn Chorus day – walk, listen, connect. It’s an early start but you won’t regret it. Details below


This coming week looks like this:

Tuesday 27th Wellbeing walk from Penshurst at 9.15am

Tuesday 27th Ashdown Evening Hike with Carole – Old Lodge Nature Reserve  at 6.45pm—Old-Lodge-Nature-Reserve

Thursday 29th Push the pace -TW to Frant return 6.30pm –

Saturday 1st May – Motts Mill bluebell March with Carole 8.30am

Sunday 2nd May – Start the day with Mother nature – 6am  -International Dawn Chorus day – walk, listen, connect.—walk,-listen,-connect

Lower your shoulders, open your chest, swing from the shoulders with a straight arm and push down into that strap…. That’s Nordic walking.

Show off your technique soon!

Updated: April 26, 2021 — 9:25 am