Nordic news 19th April

Hello all,

Despite the cold wind that’s been blowing it seems to have gone for now so everyone is feeling a bit better with mid April soon to turn into May!

A superb Wellbeing walk was had last Tuesday, we took to the heights of Highwoods lane and had a view to behold as we took a break, see photo insert.

I started a new Learn to Nordic walk course on Saturday, it was so great to finally get this going as some have been waiting since last Autumn to get started on their Nordic walking journey. Lovely to see you all, you know who you are, the rest of the team are looking forward to meeting you on one of the many walks available when you have completed the course.

Carole also started training her newbies in Crowborough on Saturday, so a big welcome to you too! Looking forward to meeting you sometime.

If your poles need new paws consider spending a little more and getting the Urban pole boot paw, they’re currently on special offer saving over £6 per pair, now £10.20. This may seem a lot, but they are really robust and last a long long time unlike many of the other types. Here’s a link to help

The schedule for this week:

Tuesday 20th 6.30pm Carole’s sunset walk will be on Ashdown, Bunkers hill:—Bunkers-Hill-sunset

Wednesday 21st 6.30pm Push the pace on Bidborough NW slopes :

Saturday 23rd 8.30am Step into shape – Penshurst West loop—Penshurst-west-loop

Sunday 24th 8.30am Motts Mill Bluebell March with Carole

And lots more coming up, browse here:

Get into shape for summer starts here!

Emily and Carole



Updated: April 19, 2021 — 1:26 pm