Nordic greetings from isolated me.

I hope you are all ok and able to get outside for your ‘once a day exercise session’. Use those poles and practice what you’ve been doing within our walks.

We need to count our blessings at the moment, and today I’m feeling very grateful for the fabulous sunshine!

NWUK are putting together a few activity videos for you to do in your garden, balcony or inside. It’s important to keep moving as much possible.

Here is the 1st video taught by my colleague Denise, a 10-minute session designed to mobilise the joints and get your heart rate up:

There’s more on the way so watch this space……

Additionally, can I suggest you use what’s around you in the home to use your body and increase your heart rate several times a day? Unless you live in a flat you could go up and down the stairs. Try getting the app Soundbrenner, a metronome app, you can set it to a suitable speed and stick to it as you go up and down the stairs. Increase your amount to climbs each day by a couple. Or pump up the volume on your music system and step intime to the beat!

Stay safe and keep moving,

All my best wishes to you all at this difficult time,


Updated: March 25, 2020 — 2:57 pm