Nordic Friday

TGIF? Doesn’t hold the same joy does it at the moment but I’m trying to mark it in some way as every day is so similar. Today I can reward myself with a glass of wine, or tow as I have abstained all week! (that’s a first for this isolation period!)

I’ve been out walking every day and am really enjoying the peaceful calm sunny days. Small mercies in the climate we’re living in, but we must acknowledge them and embrace the joys.

Lovely to have heard from a few of you about getting out and about with (or without) your poles. Below are a few testimonials, share yours if have something lovely to tell others who may need inspiration.

A: I have been doing some lone NW in the forest just behind our house.  I am really enjoying it.  You may remember that I am a teacher and so having a little time during the day to do some exercise is a novelty, however trying to fit it in around getting things ready online for next term is still a bit of a challenge, but I am starting to prioritise, my health and wellbeing.  Fingers crossed I can get out a little more.

 T: I’ve been going for quite long walks with my husband in Pembury woods – me with my poles, him without.  As you say it’s lovely to be out and hear the birds.

C: I’m only managing one or two Nordic walks a week as I’m going out walking with my husband and it seems a little antisocial to use my poles when out with him. He’s the one person I don’t have to distanced myself from!

F: We have walked and /or exercised every day. Yesterday I Nordic Walked into town (just over a mile each way) got eggs, vegetables and meat from the local butcher and Nordic Walked home. I felt with my very heavy rucksack on my back coming home that I was in training for the SAS!

 C: Pic attached; Me and my shadow Nordic walking to work. 1.3 miles each way, 75% uphill coming home, yuk! But I did it and will be doing it again….

 Well done to you all and sorry if I missed you off.

Keep at it all, we are a whole day closer to our beautiful reunion!

Cheers to Friday!

Stay safe.


Updated: April 17, 2020 — 2:54 pm