Newsletter 26.8.19

As some of you know I have recently been looking for some extra part time work to fit round my walking schedule. Happily, I have been offered a job which fits in quite well so some of the regular walk times will change a little from early / mid-September. This transition coincides with us losing our lovely long summer evenings anyway so it’s a good time in many ways for a few changes.

Tread into Tuesday at 9.15am will replace the currently running Thirsty for Thursday at 9am.

There will be a new walk on Thursday evenings at 6.30pm which will be a named ‘Urban Cardio adventure’  This will take us through the dark winter nights and into spring with many calories burnt throughout! The location will change every few months but will begin on the south side of TW. It’s challenging finding suitable walking locations for after dark so I tend to work with good street lighting and wider quieter roads where possible. We will not be beaten by the darkness and the long winter nights, there may be some restrictions on daylight hours, but this doesn’t mean there’s a restriction on getting outside. I hope lots of you will be able to join me on both new walks.

Reminder is you haven’t yet seen / liked my Facebook page: See more of what’s going on and support me by ‘liking’ Nordic walking UK TW Facebook page!

Another Reminder (as no one has signed up for this yet) : I’ve added a Special Saturday event starting from Eridge station on September 7th at 11am. We’ll walk about 4 miles and end at the Huntsman for lunch. (optional) I really hope this works for lots of you. Take the plunge and book your place today!

This week’s schedule:

Last two Ashdown adventure walks this week and next then it’ll be too dark, so book your spaces now! 

27th August 6.30pm Early evening Ashdown adventure

28th August 6.30pm Wednesdays Whistle stop tour’s-whistle-stop-tour

29th August 9am Thirsty for Thursday

31st August 8.45am Step into shape at Hargate Forest

Let’s get those thighs singing again this week!



Updated: August 26, 2019 — 11:19 am