Nordic Friday

TGIF? Doesn’t hold the same joy does it at the moment but I’m trying to mark it in some way as every day is so similar. Today I can reward myself with a glass of wine, or tow as I have abstained all week! (that’s a first for this isolation period!) I’ve been out walking […]

Gentle Wellbeing Workout

Here’s one for those of you who are either elderly, inactive or just feel like a gentle session today, or any day! Similar in parts to the Gentle Nordic Wellbeing we do at Muskerry court. Give it a try and remember, you can pause it at any time of it’s a little too fast/ much […]

Nordic walking Poles at the ready! (but not essential)

This is 25 mins long and will definitely get your heart rate up, it’s suitable for all levels as you can tailor it to your personal fitness level. Now you have the link you could do it every day if you’re able to; get the family involved or share with your chums!

Nordic greetings from isolated me.

I hope you are all ok and able to get outside for your ‘once a day exercise session’. Use those poles and practice what you’ve been doing within our walks. We need to count our blessings at the moment, and today I’m feeling very grateful for the fabulous sunshine! NWUK are putting together a few […]

Newsletter 2.3.2020

Welcome to March and all the thrills and mysteries it will bring! I was tricked by the weather forecast this weekend and had to postpone thinking we were in for snow and high winds, as it turned out we had a reasonable weekend so my apologies if the change of schedule affected you. It’s always […]

Newsletter 24.02.20

Another windy day welcomes us to this new week but take heart, the daffs are up and Spring is just around the corner! Time to get involved if you’ve been sitting on your laurels over the winter! We had a really great Sociable Nordic Walk for All on Saturday afternoon at Broadwater Warren. Please consider […]

Newsletter 17.02.20

Despite the weather we did manage to get a walk in on Saturday morning when we were pushed along by the winds, four of my new graduates came along too and finished with rosy cheeks and their Freedom Passports in hand. Congratulations girls and long may you join us for walks in the future! If […]

Newsletter 10.2.20

MEDICATION. Please ensure you have your medication with you on any walk you attend. If you have forgotten it and you think you may need it during the walk please notify me before we head off. The schedule for this week: 13th February 6.30pm Farmcombe road starting point this week. Cardio after ark adventure: […]