News letter 22.7.19

Good morning all,


Where are you? It’s been a quiet few weeks with low attendance recently. I’m guessing you’re all having far too much fun in the sun for Nordic walking but take note, your technique will suffer unless you keep at it! Get the best out of this fabulous summer and sign up for a walk or two today!


Some of you like to book in advance to make that commitment to yourselves, try that then you’ll be less likely to let something else get in the way of improving your fitness, health and wellbeing.


Don’t let the grass grow under your walking shoes…. If you’ve got your Freedom Passport, let me know which walk you’d like to attend!  (remember poles can be borrowed until you’re ready to purchase)


The new early evening walk began with good attendance at Ashdown Forest on Tuesday. It was a gorgeous evening, come and join us tomorrow.


Thirsty for Thursday may be cancelled or postponed for a few months as there has been consistently very low attendance so I’m assuming it just isn’t a good fit for many of you. However, if you do like that day/time but can’t make it at the moment, please get in touch and let me know. I can’t run walks for one or two consistently but if I know there’ll be better numbers after the summer, I’ll keep it running. NOTE it is at 7.30am this week as it’s forecast to be 33’!!


Get yourself book onto the low tide walk at Camber sands on 18th August. You’ll be back in time for lunch but with a spring in your step.


This week’s schedule:


23rd July 6.30pm Early evening Ashdown adventure


25th July 7.30am (AS IT IS GOING TO BE VERY HOT!) Thirsty for Thursday


25th July 6.30pm Thankful it’s Thursday’s-Thursday


27th July 8.45am – Step into shape on Saturday @ Deer Park Café –


Looking forward to seeing you all to cover some miles with smiles soon!





Updated: July 22, 2019 — 11:02 am