News 31st August 2020

Quick reminder that the next Learn to Nordic walk course is coming up, there are still a few spaces left so claim your space and book on now!

Start date: 12th Sept


Start date 17th October:

Push the Pace on Wednesday evening was indeed the adventure walk it is named as! We started off across the Ridgeway and all was well. After clambering over the high stile and leaving the viaduct behind us we encountered a field of cows. They looked on nonchalantly as we did our walking lunges but then we started to become aware they were showing signs of being rather territorial as there were calves in the shadows of the trees, which we hadn’t noticed. We made our decision to change our route just as they made themselves heard – with much mooing! Luckily, they didn’t take chase, but we were suitably nervous, and this made us push the pace at quite a speed while hoping to avoid a chase! Debbie led us hastily across the field, we never knew she had it in her! Go Debbie! We got back before dark and all was well, but it gave us all quite shake up!

So, we’ve made it to the end of August, we’ve certainly covered some miles and many of you are fitter and ready for the next season. If you’ve not had a chance to get involved recently, please do. Our Wednesday and Thursday Push the pace walk will be going urban as we lose the evening light, and as the ground will undoubtedly be getting muddier I will be working to provide you with challenging walks during daylight hours where we can keep a reasonably pace, so we may be less on open countryside tracks and more on harder surface and quiet tarmac roads.

Updated: September 6, 2020 — 4:23 pm