News 19th June 2021

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be a happy bunny with the wall to wall we’ve had the last few days but I do appreciate it has been VERY hot so I understand it if you’re melting and feeling overwhelmed by the heat!

I hope you’ll still feel like getting outside and exercising, plenty of water enroute and lighter clothing a must now.

Last call for FIRLE BEACON Picnic walk! 11am On Saturday 24th July. The weather looks fabulous, clear skies to really appreciate the awesome 360’ view from the top! Book now and join us if you’re free:

Carole and I invited you all to a Free technique workshop on 14th August at 10.30am but sadly we’ve got very few takers. Even if you are a regular Nordic walker with me or Carole, there is room for improvement. We don’t’ like to nag too much on the regular walks, but many of you are in need of brushing up on your technique, so please consider coming along. It’s Free, what’s not to like!?

Note from Carole: Welcome to Liz and Spyro, who joined us on a lovely walk to Penns in the rock Sunday morning, before the scorching midday heat hit us. Winding our way through intermittent shady woods. Perfect start to a Sunday morning.

Shop and Drop: Need to replenish your equipment, shoes, paws? There will be a shop and drop going to Carole on Friday 30th July, orders by 5pm Wednesday. This saves you paying £5 postage, your order will then be brought to your next booked walk.

This week looks like this:

Tuesday 20th July 9.30am Gentle Wellbeing walk round Penshurst estate:

Tuesday 20th 6.30pm Wren’s Warren Valley from Gills Lap – Ashdown Forest with Carole :’s-Warren-Valley-from-Gills-Lap—Ashdown-Forest

Thursday 22nd July 6.30pm Let’s Push the Pace from Speldhurst road to Hurstwood:

Saturday 24th July 11am Firle Beacon Adventure walk with Picnic for ALL : see above for link.

Sunday 25th July 8.30am Morning Hike with Carole – Old Lodge Nature Reserve—Old-Lodge-Nature-Reserve

All other activities on the schedule up to early September are here:

Let’s get outside and embrace the blue skies and sunshine!

Best wishes,

Emily & Carole

Updated: July 20, 2021 — 12:54 pm