News 12th Juy 2021

Our social event on Saturday evening was great fun! Despite a false start we finally got seated and had a fabulous meal together. So great to relax with so many of you. Apologies again the location wasn’t what we all hoped but I think we made the best of a difficult situation and came up smiling!

A new week beckons and with it the promise of some sunshine. Finally! We all love blue skies so let’s leap into action and embrace our health and ability to get outside and enjoy the up and downs of a typical British summer!

If your Nordic walking (AKA Physical and mental wellbeing) has been neglected, I’m here to dangle a carrot and ask you to step forward and join us again soon, schedule is live up to the beginning of September:

We’ve had few good walks this past week, numbers have been a little low but I’m assuming that’s the gloomy weather and mud fatigue! Our Wellbeing walk on Tuesday was graced when the clouds parting as we reached the top of the hill above the lake. However, our walk round Hurstwood on Saturday was a little more challenging at times, and we had to pick our way across the very muddy crossing close to the river.

The ground WILL dry out and we WILL be able to walk with ease again, have faith!

AWAY DAY TO FIRLE! 24th July 11am.  Numbers are still very low for this away day event, please book on ASAP if you are keen to come as it’s only a viable trip if there’s enough of us!

The upcoming week look like this:

Wednesday 14th July 6.30pm Push the Pace, from TW Bowls Club. Wonderful views, mostly on tarmac, a speedy mid-week workout.

Saturday 17th July 8.30am Step into shape on Saturday. Again, we’re on tarmac for this old favourites exploring the 3 magnificent parks TW boasts.—Three-parks

Sunday 18th July 8.30am Motts Mill with Carole :

12noon Groombridge Withyham Loop

Chin up, things are on the up!

Emily & Carole

Updated: July 13, 2021 — 11:29 am